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From Ponyville, one of Equestria's greatest musicians have became a musical sensation in Equestria in the 2010s when the two collaborated with Canadian rapper and singer, Drake. The two had shown all of Equestria a brand new world of music. Octavia Melody & Vinyl Scratch grew up as best friends in a childhood where the only thing that existed in their world was music. Octavia is a classical musician and her friend Vinyl, a DJ player. The two had begun to receive recognition when they were a popular choice as a musical band for birthday parties and celebrations at Canterlot and other cities around Equestria. 

Around 2009, they had listened to Drake's "Best I've Ever Had" and was very inspired by it. They've studied the culture of Hip-Hop and Rap and was thrilled to show it to the rest of Equestria. Octavia had loved Hip-Hop/Rap music for the messages the music tries to convey while Vinyl was fond with the beats. They're are well-known for their music video, "Hold On, We're Going Home" released in 2013.




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Hold On, We're Going Home (Violin Cover)

Drake ft. Majid Jordan & Peter Lee Johnson


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