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"Realm" is a single that not only explores the sounds and aesthetics of the Cyberpunk realm, but it also breathes the atmosphere of the techno-progressive music style.


The year is 2058 in the city of Nova Cascade.

The bright vibrant signs and tall metal structures plastered with corporate bulletins and media. They control the society they have constructed and locked free will from the public. But that's not going to happen to you. Because you won't let them.

You are in control of your own destiny. You won't let their plans interfere with yours.

Because what lies ahead is the reason you won't look back.

The future is yours.

Introducing the all new music single, "Realm". The song that's going to save this city from filthy corporate hands and the totality of corrupt authorities. Kick butt with Sub Bass grooves!



Illustrations and Concepts by

Adrian Lopez Valle

Nova Cascade Tunnel by

Peyton Thomas

Rigging by

Charred Knight

Writer: Adrian Lopez Valle

Producer: Adrian Lopez Valle

Lyrics: (No Lyrics)

Recorded: January 16, 2021

Released: March 26, 2021

©2021 Mariotravel209, Adrian Lopez Valle