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Have a specific fail video you'd like to be seen animated? 

Always dreamed of a blue hedgehog exploding a can of soda and getting hit in the face with it?

Allow me to introduce to you my brand new SFM Fails request contest!

Ever since 2015, I've been animating SFM Fails and has been established as a special side-treat for my YouTube channel.


However, it wasn't until late 2020 when I've uploaded these animated fail videos onto the popular social media platform, TikTok, that these videos finally received the traction I initially wanted for them.


Now, I'm happy to say I've improved a lot in my skills in animation and I'm now willing to share it with you!


It's easy!

To participate, you must visit my Show.co link and it'll prompt you to my Show.co campaign, where you can either follow me on Spotify or subscribe to my newsletter by entering your email!

Here's how you do it...


Click on my Show.co link!

This link will show up both on this page and my bio's on both TikTok and Instagram. This will also be posted on my other social media platforms.


Be sure to double-check the link and make sure it's from me! If you're not sure, you can always check back to this page.


Follow me on Spotify or Email!

Don't have a Spotify? No problem! You're also given the option to enter your email for my content newsletter!

Do both, however, you'll be given a bonus request if you win! That's two requests!



Sit tight, partner!

That's it! The contest's deadline is on March 27, 2021! There will be three winners and they will randomly be selected. If you have been chosen as the winner, you'll be sent an email with further details. If you have not been chosen, no worries! If the contest becomes successful enough, there will be more throughout the year!

By submitting your email, you agree to receive occasional and/or monthly newsletters from "Mariotravel209" or "Adrian Lopez Valle". These newsletters will contain the latest updates from both film and music content from Mariotravel209 and Mariotravel209 Animations.

MARCH 27, 2021


Just a heads up! Whatever your request may be, it must not contain anything too inappropriate.

You know the basics. No racial slurs, extreme violence, blood & gore, sexual content, etc.


For your request to be accepted, it must adhere to both YouTube and TikTok guidelines. If you've won the contest, your request will be reviewed to ensure it doesn't violate the criteria.


Please be aware, I have the right to deny your request if I deem the content to be too inappropriate,

even if you've won the contest.



By participating in this contest, you agree to the terms and conditions discussed in this page. For further questions or concerns, please contact me by visiting the contact form.

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