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Ever since I was a youngster in middle school, those were the words that would stick to me and my emotions for the rest of my life. Not only do those three words summarize my creative process, but they also define who I am and what I dream of doing until the end of time. Besides the people I care about, there's nothing more important to me than these three words. This is the blueprint for fictional reality.

Anyways, enough with the poetic speeches, let's learn a little more about me!


I'm Adrian Lopez Valle and I'm a filmmaker / music artist based in California, USA. Around 2010 was when I started creating content at the age of 10 under the online alias, "Mariotravel209". I specialize in making animations, films, and music. Everyday I put in all my efforts in making these projects as entertaining and enjoyable for my audience. Its my passion and dream to show my art to the world. Of course, I want to see them too!

Only a year old, my family decided to move to a more quiet and calm city known as Pittsburg, where I spent most of my childhood. There was what I'd like to call "the birthplace of my imagination and creativity".

As you might have guessed from my content, I'm also a gamer and I'm huge fans of video game characters, "Super Mario" and "Sonic The Hedgehog". These two being the driving force of my passion and heart in creating. I'd honestly don't know where I'd be in life if it wasn't for these two! From the age of three to nine, I was an exclusive Nintendo console player, then afterwards I've became a PC gamer. It is safe to say I'm also a video game enthusiast (and probably a historian) when I'm not animating or writing a song.

Around 2011, I've moved back to my hometown, San Jose, and continued to pursue in my dreams of creating content. 2015 was the year I dived into animation and a year later, music production. As of now, I've released two major animated short films and I'm on the verge of pursuing additional adventures in my own music world.

Other than me diving into my history that barely anyone else knows, I see myself as a compassionate and caring person. I'd like to think I'm funny and can definitely be awkward to be around with on a frequent basis. As goofy as I can be, I also have an optimistic view in life. I do believe in positive energy and hope that I can further spread that love and happiness to everyone through my work.

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