I'm Adrian Lopez Valle and I'm a full-time Animator and Music Artist based in California!

You most likely heard of me going by the name "Mariotravel209".


...and my hobby! Since in real-life, it's a lot to ask for a full studio with all the equipment, all the actors, all the sets, and all the dedicated people you need in the world, I'm left with one option to bring my ideas to life! Source Filmmaker.

I make my movies through the use of Source Filmmaker, a free animation software created by Valve. I tend to star my favorite characters from video games, movies, etc., in my films such as Mario, Sonic, and many more! Ideas are endless!



I like to do a lot of things! Making movies is just one thing! Usually when I'm on break or just in the mood to write something, I turn to making music and I make all kinds of music.


From Pop, Jazz, Orchestral, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock,

you name it.

and that's it!

Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!

© 2020 Mariotravel209, Adrian Lopez Valle. Content containing Mario, Sonic, My Little Pony, and non-original characters is purely fan-made. No Copyright Infringement intended.

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