Hi! I'm Adrian Lopez Valle and I'm a music composer and hobbyist 3d animator! Here you'll find my music work and some of the best of what I have to offer. Whether it's film scoring, casual songs, or sound samples, what you'll end up seeing is my wide sense of versatility and expression. Feel free to browse below to check out my latest music work. 

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Adrian Lopez Valle - Demo Reel 2021

2021 - Soundtrack

This is a 2021 demo reel showcasing some of my latest work and samples in Hollywood film scoring. 


The Lost Conspiracy - EP

2020 - Soundtrack

“The Lost Conspiracy” is a spy-action EP of songs that were composed for a 3D animation project, which was later cancelled. This action-packed EP showcases scores that were inspired by the Jason Bourne films and includes the heart-pounding thrills you’d expect in a Hollywood thrilling adventure.


The Video Game Dance

2020 - Breakbeat/Experimental

The Video Game Dance is an experimental track that celebrates gaming culture with unique combinations in breakbeat, Latin, and down-tempo.

Sunset Canal (Album Cover)

Sunset Canal

2020 - Dance

"Sunset Canal" dives into the orange skies that sonically embeds itself into the melody of a dancehall beat. 

Vinylized (Album Cover)


2019 - Breakbeat

When a breakbeat track brings some of its roots back with elements of rock and orchestra together, you have "Vinylized". One of my personal favorite tracks.

Shadow Particle

Shadow Particle

2019 - Darkwave/Experimental

"Shadow Particle" was commissioned by a good friend and it was my first time diving into the darkwave realm with some taste in modern methods.


The Art of Justice (Hollywood Orchestra)

2018 - Soundtrack

The epic cinematic score from "The Art of Justice", an animated short film by me, has returned. This time with a few new kicks and sounds to spice up the thrilling adventure.

Aurora (Album Cover)


2018 - House

Like the Northern Skies, "Aurora" brings a fresh and soft tune to the spirit. An electronic dance track that sings with the lights.


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